ENTERPRISE, Ore — The famous rock jack building contest started out the 2014 Wallowa County Stockgrowers Rodeo at the Fairgrounds in Enterprise under pristine weather conditions. Six teams were at the front competing for the famous “World Champion Rock Jack Competition.” With there three teams of two persons each, and as a lone competitor, if you had previously had won a rock jack building contest, previous world champions Doug Peterson of Enterprise, Matt Proffitt, of Lostine, and Pat Dougherty of Wallowa, comprised the solo competitors.

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This year the championship trophy went to the young Warnock team, Ty and Clancey from Imnaha. James Yost Ranch, fence builders Jeb Pokorny and Wyatt Rufener, earned second place.

Additional competitions at the Stockgrowers Ranch Rodeo include branding, sorting, riding, roping, horse racing, and for the kids a stick horse race.

Here are your winners:

Stick Horse Race: 4-year-old Wade Williams of Joseph.

Branding: Ty Warnock, Rod Childers, Cory Patterson and Shawn Morehead.

Muley Roping: Todd Nash, Adel Nash, Shawn Morehead and Cory Patterson.

Working Horse: Mel Coleman, Wallowa.

Working Dog: 1st – Yvonne Stein, Baker City; 2nd Liza Nichols, Enterprise.

Youngsters Zeb and Zoe Herman of Wallowa won the wild ewe branding event.

Sorting: Luke Morgan of Imnaha, Mark Dawson of Wallowa and Dwayne Voss of Joseph.

Junior Sorting: Luke Ramsden of Lostine, and Hanly and Harly Miller, both from Enterprise.

Horse Races: Half-trot/half-walk race: Abby Sales, Joseph.  Full Horse Race: Trevor Wentz, Enterprise.

Steer Stopping: J.C. Shaffer, Summerville.

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