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Please note: To maximize marketing Wallowa Valley Online’s Trading Post is located on Facebook.

In order to use our Trading Post, you have to have a Facebook account

To keep our trading post free from spam and scams WVO will have to approve your membership.

Wallowa Valley Online does not offer ANY technical support in regards to creating a Facebook account and/or posting items for sale/trade/give-aways.
Please refer to Facebook’s help files if you need assistance.

Click here to enter Wallowa Valley Online Trading Post

By applying and/or approval to Wallowa Valley Online’s Trading Post you agree to the rules below:

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Buy, sell, trade aka bartering, yard sales, lost and found, pets and small livestock sales (this does not include bull, heifer, cow, commercial cattle sales and/or auctions) and pet adoptions… Free classifieds are for private individuals only, except as outlined below.

If you are a business and interested in business advertising send an email to wallowavalleyonline@gmail.com for rates and more information to advertise on our main website http://wallowavalleyonline.com

Please remember: If it’s sold at a store, or any other business outlet (that includes farm & Ag businesses such as farms and ranches) your ad is considered business advertising. This trading post is for selling, trading, exchanging personal items only. If you see a “business like” ad, there is no need to report it unless you believe it is a scam or spam. We check the trading post on a very regular basis. Scams, spams and the like do not live long on our list. The one’s that survive have been pre-approved.
Pets sales from reputable breeders, pet adoptions aka pet re-homing, equine and limited small livestock sales are permitted.
Fundraisers, community announcements and the likes are more than welcome, of course.

No posting of quick make money from at home or anywhere scams, no posts on lose weight programs!!!, no give away Ipads and anything else giveaway business raffles, and no business advertising.
No Real Estate for sale, no commercial rental spaces. Private for rent postings are ok.

As of February 2016, Facebook does not allow private gun sales aka peer to peer sales via any Facebook avenue. Even though we DO NOT agree with this new policy, we have to adhere to Facebook terms and conditions. If one insists on violating Facebook terms and conditions, please do so on your own Facebook space. We will not jeopardize the existence of a list that serves more than 2,400 members. Sales that are not allowed by Facebook terms and conditions will be deleted and member may be banned from this group.

We, Wallowa Valley Online, reserve the right to remove and ban anyone immediately who violates these rules, and/or posts items or subjects that are deemed inappropriate by Wallowa Valley Online. There is no “please don’t do that”. Thank you for your understanding.

We do not offer any technical support and/or telephone support for Facebook related issues. Please refer to Facebook’s help menus if you need assistance. 

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