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Wallowa County Fair Results Dog Show, Saturday Aug 5, 2019

Wallowa County Fair Results Dog Show, Saturday Aug 5, 2019


1stYear Junior Champion:  Opal McDonald

1stYear Junior Reserve Champion:  Kylee Moore

Junior Champion:  Owyhee Harguess

Junior Reserve Champion:  TyLee Evans

Intermediate Champion:  Bailey Vernam

Intermediate Reserve Champion:  Dakota Delyria

Senior Champion:   Jacob Falk

Senior Reserve Champion:   Katelynn Diggins


Trick Dog:

1stYear Junior Champions:  Kylee Moore, Sarah Musia, Opal McDonald, Freyja Hostetter

Junior Champions:  TyLee Evans, Owyhee Harguess

Intermediate Champions:  Dakota Delyria, Devin Schreiber

Intermediate Reserve Champion:  Bailey Vernam (both dogs)

Senior Champion:  Katelynn Diggins



Costume Dog:

1stYear Jr Champions:  Kylee Moore, Freyja Hostetter

1stYear Jr Reserve Champions:  Sarah Musia, Opal McDonald

Junior Champions: Tylee Evans, Owyhee Harguess

Intermediate Champion:  Devin Schreiber

Intermediate Reserve Champions:  Dakota Delyria, Bailey Vernam

Senior Champion:  Katelynn Diggins

Senior Reserve Champion:  Jacob Falk



1stYr Junior Open Champion:  Opal McDonald

1stYr Junior Open Reserve Champion:  Freyja Hostetter

Junior Mini Champion:  TyLee Evans

Junior Open Champion:  Owyhee Harguess

Intermediate Mini Champion:  Dakota Delyria

Intermediate Mini Reserve Champion:  Devin Schreiber

Intermediate Open Champion:  Bailey Vernam

Intermediate Open Reserve Champion:  Bailey Vernam

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