The Wallowa Valley Music Alliance presents another edition of Tunesmith Night, a monthly showcase of original music.

The Saturday, December 14 show features songwriters Nicole Freshley, MidLo and Meredith Brann. The venue is Sugar Time Bakery, located in the Burnaugh Building on North River Street and will provide the perfect atmosphere for our listening audience.

With deep roots in the west, Nicole Freshley sings about land, water, work, and heartache. Her introspective lyrics intertwine imagery from the natural world with the shifting rhythms of human experience. They explore the way small details of daily life accumulate to represent a larger truth. Her music features acoustic guitar and vocals which draw on folk and Americana roots. Raised on the perpetually soggy Washington Coast and in Portland, Nicole has been drying out in Eastern Oregon for the past few years

Mike Midlo lives and works and writes songs in Wallowa County. His 2018 record, MidLo “Two Steps & Waltzes” was recorded in the OK Theatre and received an honorable mention in the “Cry in Your Beer” category for the 2019 Bro Country Music Awards. It also received airplay on dusty CD players and budget subscription radio services across the country. His Portland based band, Pancake Breakfast confused hungry people and fire chiefs for years and still does based on the kinds of tags the band receives on their Facebook page.

Meredith Brann hails from Wallowa County, Oregon, a country of cowboys and cattle, flowing rivers, mountain ranges, and dry, rugged landscapes.  While she honors her traditions and heritage in her music, she is certainly not bound by them. Her ability to cross various genres and styles effortlessly, and without ostentation, shows her distinctly unique musical abilities.  From the poetic and poignant “Shining”, to the soulful and winsome “Balance”, she creates music that has deep roots, deep faith, and a true artist’s ability to enter into the beauty, tragedies, and triumphs of life in a way that still manages to uplift and inspire.

Tunesmith Night is presented in a round-robin format, with each musician playing a song, then the next taking a turn, creating an interesting and varied performance. Admission is $10 at the door or by season pass. Doors open at 6 pm (SEATING IS LIMITED), music at 7 pm, all ages welcome. Sugar Time will have the kitchen open for soups and sandwiches, and adult beverages, in addition to their usual yummy sweet treats.


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