SINKING SHIP: Dems aim to hit iceberg again, driven to drown voters’ voices

SINKING SHIP: Dems aim to hit iceberg again, driven to drown voters’ voices
Bend Bulletin agrees with Republicans saying don’t subvert the power of voters by hijacking elections
SALEM, Ore.- Democrats have hit an iceberg of criticism from lawmakers and the public over a controversial bill to dramatically change the referendum process. As outcry surged in, Democrats smacked the emergency pause button on a controversial, if not lawless, special elections bill to hijack the election and disempower Oregonians. Adding to the surging levels of outrage against the Democrats, The Bend Bulletin decried the hijack bill as an attempt to “block voters.” There is no end to the madness as Senate Bill 229 A-7 can still be heard at any moment. 
Through pervasive partisanship, the Statehouse has been turned into a sinking ship, with Democrats trying to figure out how to hit the iceberg one more time before their time runs out. There are little to no lifeboats, they were sold in the governor’s rummage sale to bailout PERS and other programs, and rural Oregonians, conservatives and many others, are locked in steerage with virtually no way to get out. As if this picture wasn’t bleak enough, Democrats are now trying to drown voters’ voices by undermining democracy through the confiscation of their fair election rights.
The -7 amendment to SB 229 will undermine elections law by manipulating an election date and by writing the ballot title without review. The bill also undermines the offices of the attorney general and the secretary of state. 
Senate Minority Whip Dennis Linthicum, R-Klamath Falls, released the following statement:
“We have seen this session, Democrats decline to fully-fund the proposals voters approved, and we have seen them push for the proposals voters rejected, like a hidden sales tax. Now when they aren’t bypassing the Constitution to pass illegal taxes on the smallest businesses in Oregon, they are trying to shred the Constitution to permanently hijack elections so they can suppress voters and prevent voters from undoing the damage done this session by the Democrat-majority. It is a miracle to see media come out against this violence to the Constitution and our elections process.”
Linthicum has been disturbed to see the session devolve into hyperpartisan, “shame and blame” politics and slouchy political posturing. Linthicum said his constituents will not abide by the rampant lawlessness perpetuated this session, and that there is growing outrage in his district over the robbing of democracy by Democrats in the Legislature.
“If Oregonians don’t like what the Legislature and governor have approved, they can gather signatures to refer that matter to the ballot for a referendum. The Oregon Constitution even makes a special provision for tax measures, so that the Legislature cannot declare a tax an ’emergency’ so it can go into effect right away,” The Bend Bulletin wrote in their editorial, “Don’t subvert the power of voters.”
The Bend Bulletin concluded:
“The simple truth is supporters of this amendment want to block voters from reversing legislative decisions. But it gets worse. The ballot title and explanatory statements that appear on the ballot and in the voter’s pamphlet are critical. Those carefully selected words can strongly influence voters. That’s why people fight over them.”
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