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Oregon Department of Environmental Quality proposing increase of fees

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality proposing increase of fees


DEQ proposes the Environmental Quality Commission approve rule amendments to:  

Increase air contaminant discharge permit fees. Increase air contaminant discharge permit fees overall sufficient to generate a 70% increase in revenue and restore adequate funding for DEQ’s administration of Oregon’s air contaminant discharge permit program. The proposed rules would achieve the 70% percent increase by:

  • Increasing all ACDP annual fees; and
  • Increasing most ACDP specific activity fees

Adjust the calculation for greenhouse gas reporting fees. Adjust greenhouse gas reporting fee percentage down as appropriate based on the final air contaminant discharge fee increase. The fee percentage would be reduced from 12.5% to 7.31%. This technical correction would prevent the air contaminant discharge fee increase from also increasing the current greenhouse gas reporting fees.

Add a new Basic Air Contaminant Discharge Permit source category. Add a listing to OAR 340-216-8010 table 1, Part A. for Basic ACDPs that provides a distinct permit category for noncomplex sources that accept an enforceable limit on their uncontrolled potential to emit.

Establish a new fee applicable to sources or individuals who submit a Notice of Intent to Construct. Create a new fee associated with a Type 2 Notice of Intent to Construct application required by OAR Chapter 340 Division 210.

DEQ proposes the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission approve the proposed rules for incorporation into the Oregon Clean Air Act State Implementation Plan and submittal to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its approval under the federal Clean Air Act.


Public Comment

DEQ is asking for public comment on the proposed rules. Anyone can submit comments and questions about this rulemaking. A person can submit comments via email, by regular mail or at the public hearing.


Comment deadline

DEQ will only consider comments on the proposed rules that DEQ receives by 4 p.m., on March 2, 2020.


Submit comment by email

Any person can submit comments by sending an email. Commenters should include “ACDP Fees 2020 Rulemaking Comment” in the email subject line. Submit emails to:


Note for public university students:

ORS 192.345(29) allows Oregon public university and OHSU students to protect their university email addresses from disclosure under Oregon’s public records law. If you are an Oregon public university or OHSU student you may omit your email address when you complete the online form to submit a comment.


By mail

Oregon DEQ

Attn: Dan DeFehr

700 NE Multnomah St., Suite 600

Portland, OR 97232-4100


Public Hearing

DEQ will hold a public hearing on this proposed rulemaking at 2 p.m. on Feb. 27, 2019. The hearing will be held at: 700 NE Multnomah St., Conference Room 601, Portland, OR 97232

The public can participate in the hearing by video webinar or audio teleconference:

Video Webinar Link: Webinar link

Teleconference Call-in Number: 888-278-0296

Teleconference Participant ID: 8040259

Instructions for joining webinar or teleconference: Teleconference/Webinar instructions


Additional Information

To view copies of the notice documents, learn more about this rulemaking, and how to submit comments, you can view the rulemaking web page at: ACDP Fee Increase 2020 Rulemaking Page.

If you want to receive future email notices about this rulemaking, you must sign up at: DEQ Govdelivery.

You can also obtain more information about this rulemaking by contacting:


Dan DeFehr


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