Elk hunting, late-season archery deer

General Coast Elk 2nd Season opens this Saturday and there are a few late-season archery deer hunting opportunities coming up in Western Oregon. See the zone reports for details.


Fishing tips for the weekend – what’s hot and what’s not

  • Low, clear water conditions on the north and mid-coast are making salmon fishing tough. Fish already in the systems are getting dark, and new fish probably won’t move in until we get more rain. Determined anglers should focus on lower rivers or tidewaters.
  • Trout anglers have been pulling some big fish out of Fish Lake and Howard Prairie Reservoir.
  • Trout and summer steelhead are both open on the upper Rogue, and fly-anglers have been having good luck with summer steelhead.
  • The first Willamette Valley brood trout releases of the fall took place this week with the release of 38 of these super-sized trout put into Walter Wirth Lake in Salem. Future releases will be announced in each week’s Recreation Report.
  • Water conditions in Quartzville Creek are good right now – trout anglers should take advantage of these conditions before the rains swell the river and make fishing difficult.
  • The Willamette River between Albany and Harrisburg is open year-round for trout fishing, which can be very good when flows are cooperating.
  • Best bet in the Klamath Basin is fishing below Keno Dam on the Klamath River.
  • The Wallowa River is a good bet for fall/winter trout and whitefish fishing.
  • As water temperatures cool in Willow Creek Reservoir, trout move into the shallows and get more active – anglers can do well fishing PowerBait from shore.


10 ways to be a better cougar hunter

The season is open until Dec. 31 statewide. Two wildlife biologists share their hunting tips.


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