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ODFW has extended Wildlife Services authorization to kill two wolves.

ODFW has extended Wildlife Services authorization to kill two wolves.

ODFW extends the authorization ti kill two wolves of the Imnaha pack until August, 31, 2010. Members of this wolf pack are responsible for killing at least six domestic animals (calves and cows) which is considered chronic livestock depredation under the Wolf Plan. The Wolf Plan authorizes state and federal agencies to use lethal control to stop chronic wolf-related depredation.

The same criteria apply to this authorization as to previous authorizations (terms). Collared wolves cannot be killed. Also, the action is limited to an area where previous losses have occurred and to private property with livestock activity.

ODFW said in the press release that by killing the two wolves, wildlife managers hope to send a message to the pack to not kill livestock.

The new authorization expires Aug. 31. Wolves are still being observed in the target area. Cattle are also still in the area and could be for a number of months.

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