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Please note: Wallowa Valley Online and Angelika Designs are NOT the original publishers of the Nimiipuu Tribal Tribune. Publications of the Nimiipuu Tribune on Wallowa Valley Online was created to add in the distribution of tribal news. For more information and hard copy subscriptions go to https://www.nezperce.org/government/communications/

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Published with permission of the Wallowa Homeland Office

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About the author

Nez Perce Tribe Communications Publisher & Marketing Specialist at Nimiipuu Tribal Tribune | 208.621.4807 | chantale@nezperce.org | Website | + posts

Mission: To encourage and increase unity through effective communication.
Vision: The Tribe is the primary source of information throughout the Nez Perce Nation
The communications program manages internal and external communication for the Nez Perce Tribe and handles media inquiries.