MORAL CRISIS: PERS, cost-containment an ethical duty for our children

MORAL CRISIS: PERS, cost-containment an ethical duty for our children
SALEM, Ore.– Senate Republicans reiterated their calls for PERS reform and cost-containment.
Senate Republican Deputy Leader Tim Knopp, of Bend, said: 
“We have bipartisan solutions to fix our broken public pension system and we should continue the hard work of containing expanding costs to prevent future budget shortfalls.”
Senate Republican Deputy Leader Alan DeBoer, of Ashland, said:
“Oregonians are frustrated and don’t understand what the problem is here in Salem. We have got to stop the partisan bickering and focus on what’s good for all Oregonians. Last week, I was proud to vote for increasing education funding and now it is time to rein in costs so that we can relieve the pressure on our education system, our kids are depending on it.”   
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