This multi-medium exhibit will run through Monday April 25th.

May is “Fifties” month at the Josephy Center, and we are looking for Korean War vets, wheat growers, mill workers, timber fallers, and anyone with stories of Wallowa County and eastern Oregon through and in the wake of the Korean War.

In May of 2014 the Josephy Center honored the people who served during World War II, and the factory workers, farmers, victory gardeners, civil defense workers, and all who lived through this crucial period in our nation’s history.

This year, Joseph Center will be following with the post-War period, especially America and Wallowa County in the 50s. 

They will interview Korean War vets and widows, and men who went to college or bought a house with the GI Bill, but we will also follow the post-war mechanization of agriculture and the housing and lumber boom that followed WW II. Brown bag lunches will feature agriculture in the fifties, PTAs, hospital auxiliaries, and other women’s organizations that grew in the fifties. 

Writer Craig Lesley will be there on May 14 to read from his many books set in eastern Oregon in the fifties. 

On May 15 and 16 there will be a mini car and tractor show in the Josephy Center parking lots, and on Saturday, May 16, a “sock hop” to celebrate the period.

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