Construction is currently underway at Wallowa Lake State Park for our regions newest hydroelectric project! This project utilizes existing municipal water supply infrastructure to harness the energy potential of the State Park Springs source.  This spring flows year-round and provides drinking water to approximately 160 homes, hotels, and tourist attractions at the head of Wallowa Lake.  This hydroelectric project will generate net metered electricity to offset all of the on-site power demand of the county’s water pumping station as well as a portion of the power demand of a nearby county-owned sewer lift station.


It is designed for year-round non-consumptive water use on an existing municipal water pipeline. Another exciting factor is that it will also be an educational piece within the state park, with paths leading up to the powerhouse from the campground and bike-in camping area with information on renewable no-impact conduit hydropower and windows to see the turbine/generator in operation. There will be a Hydropower Celebration held on August 23rd to unveil the project! For more information on the project, contact Kyle Petrocine or (541) 426-8053 ext. 41.

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