In a recent blog on OregonLive, in regards to – Public forum discusses the growing threat to rural Oregon from a growing population of hungry wolves – reader “Brandy”, made the following comment:

“I live in Eastern Oregon where these wolves are. The above presentation is really hogwash! I am happy they were mainly preaching to the choir and I sure hope that no uninformed people were there to be biased by the extreme anti-wolf propaganda these folks were preaching. I’m surprised the author of this article did not do more research to confirm that the claims made in the presentation are supported by any unbiased science. Wolves are not a problem in Eastern Oregon. Its the small group of extreme anti-wolf fanatics spreading fear, lies and mis-information to the uneducated, causing huge loss of life and compromising Oregon’s ecosystems with cattle grazing on public lands and killing, trapping and poisoning the native wildlife, that are the problem. When all people, including ranchers and hunters, learn to love and respect all LIFE, then perhaps we can save this planet before its too late!”

Reader “GreyWolves” commented: Cattle are a non native invasive species that cause more harm to ecosystems than wolves ever will. We value our wildlife much more than non native livestock.


Here is our response:

The center of this discussion will shift when wolves have re-populated the Willamette and Walla Walla Valley where people will not be as tolerant as ANY rancher in Wallowa County accepting the loss of their livestock, companion animals, horses and pets to wolves. How long will people on the west side of our state be willing to “ADJUST” enduring these [natural] losses to wolves before demanding change? Cougars are already managed by euthanizing or shooting without any remorse by citizens or State agencies in the name of public safety.

Only farmers and ranchers are labeled the [vicious] ones when trying to protect their own from large predators including wolves. The times are long gone when ranchers are engaged in just “killing off” wolves. The people who claim just that have never said foot on a ranch, have never worked in the livestock business, have never produced any meat products for their countrymen, and have certainly never had an adult conversation with farmers and ranchers. Otherwise one could not have such a hateful and uneducated opinion in the 21st century.

To claim that cattle are a non native species is plain out ridiculous and nothing more than agenda driven to label livestock producers once again as evil and greedy. Anyone who subscribes to such a notion has never lived or worked in farm and Ag or studied the basics of world history. Cattle have been on this planet for thousands of years since humans started to domesticate the wild form of bovines to [feed] their families without the fear of getting killed hunting [wild] animals. Settlers brought domesticated livestock to the America’s to feed their families for that reason. Native Americans adopted domesticated livestock husbandry with the settlement and are still practicing it as of today.

By the way, domesticated has nothing to do with non-native. Otherwise count in all of the dogs in this world as non-native… They are mere a domesticated form of wolves.

Unless you are a vegan you eat meat in one form or another that is raised on farms and ranches and not at the grocery store; as are dairy products including milk products and cheese. How far do people want to push this “non-native?” All the way down to horses, and a creed of a people??? Equines in its prehistoric form had all died out during the last ice age in the Americas. There was no mustang before the Spanish. There were no equines in its evolutionized form in the Americas until Hernandez Cortez brought them on his ships during the 16th century in 1537. And unless your family has native roots in the Americas, you are also non-native, aka an Immigrant, and that’s a fact, nothing more, nothing less. So who has more or less rights to live in this great country and under what laws? [Every] citizen in this country has the same constitutional Rights that includes protecting private property.

To live in [Eastern Oregon] does not mean you immediately live with wolves. As of this day you live with wolves when you live in Wallowa County. So unless you live in Wallowa County, of course you have not experienced any problems with wolves yet even though they have been spotted in the Blue Mountain traveling towards the Walla Walla Valley. It will only be a matter of time until they will prey on animals around Milton-Freewater, College Place and Walla Walla. We will see how [tolerant] residents will be when it is [their] horse or dog that falls to the natural instincts of wolves.

@Brandy… if you have EVER visited more than Wallowa Lake and Joseph in Wallowa County, if you have ever traveled the trails in our mountains and meadows, and have any education in wildlife management, biology and farm and Ag you know that Wallowa County has a very healthy ecosystem. Pastures stewarded by farmers and ranchers yield a high return of grass on public and private land to produce food. Successful farming and ranching cannot be done on poorly managed land. Pastures that are mismanaged and full of weeds have usually been taken out of farm and Ag by private non farm and Ag buyers who only enjoy the pristine landscape around them managed by responsible land owners.

Many of us in Wallowa County who are involved in farming, ranching, livestock and equine industries were outraged when ODFW kept on shooting

wolves instead of managing the real issues.

As of December 2010, when the Oregon Wolf Management Plan was updated by ODFW, wolves that have been involved in predation cannot be relocated anymore to a more suitable habitat to spare their lives! And that my friends was certainly not the idea of any rancher. That was the idea of ODFW.

Don’t forget: Defending your pets, companion animals, small and large livestock is illegal in Oregon, punishable with prison. Oregonians have no right to protect their animals during an attack by a wolf without a permit from ODFW; meaning wolves can keep on killing your animals until ODFW decides that all non-lethal methods have been exhausted, before they will consider killing a wolf.

Again this discussion will finally shift to the [right] to protect your companion animals, equine partners, small livestock and pets from wolves when wolves do what wolf supporters look so much forward to: Re-populate all of Oregon including urban areas.  When we get there “just ADJUST.”

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