The Department of Homeland Security has given Oregon another annual extension for compliance with the federal Real ID Act through Oct. 10, 2019. Oregon-issued driver licenses, instruction permits and identification cards will continue to be accepted at federal facilities where individuals are required to present an identification document for access.

The most common federal use of state-issued ID is for air travel. Oregon expects to continue to receive annual Real ID Act extensions until October 2020. The federal law set standards for state-issued ID to enter secure federal areas, which includes boarding domestic flights because airport security is administered by the federal Transportation Safety Administration.

Oregon DMV will begin issuing the optional Real ID-compliant cards in July 2020, as authorized by the Oregon Legislature in 2017. The legislation authorized DMV to build a Real ID-compliant card option into its computer system scheduled to debut in July 2020.

Oregon law does not require you to get a Real ID card. Your current card will remain valid until its expiration date. You will be able to travel by air without a Real ID driver license or ID card – you can use a U.S. passport, for example, to board a plane.

For details on the Real ID Act, visit

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