Dave’s Valley Views: Getting ready for Christmas

Dave’s Valley Views: Getting ready for Christmas

Pastor-David-BruceWe have enjoyed a wonderful Advent season. 

And … it will all come to a climax this weekend as we celebrate our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.

On Saturday, at 5:30 p.m. we will have our Christmas Eve service.  We will listen to special music: we have duets, small groups, a bell choir, the church choir, a stringed instrument ensemble – it will be a delight.  We will hear the readings of the familiar passages from the Bible which tell us of the birth of God’s Messiah.  And we will enjoy singing the old familiar Christmas hymns.  It is always a special program and we invite all from the community to come and enjoy it.

On Sunday, Christmas Day, our worship service will not begin until 10:30.  And we will not have a Sunday School hour afterwards.  It is a great thing to gather on Christmas Day and give thanks to God for his greatest gift – the gift of his love in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.


You’re invited to share these times with us.

Saturday evening at 5:30

Sunday morning at 10:30


From our church family to you: May God’s Gift of Love be yours this day.

As always, God Bless!

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