Dave’s Valley View: Lenten discipline a challenge for many

Dave’s Valley View: Lenten discipline a challenge for many


The Lenten discipline of giving to the needy can be a struggle for many.

It can be easy to give to the support of the church. It’s like paying dues for Rotary or the golf club – I get a benefit from my support – so I’m willing to give.

It can be easy to give to a special project. To have our name engraved on a little brass plaque – or pressed into a brick can give us impetus to give.

To pay for things that we like – or to give to things that will honor us is one thing …

But … it’s not always easy to give to the needy …

The challenge is to give to someone else what I might use for myself.

The only benefit that we may get from giving to the needy is …
The satisfaction of helping someone else.

They might not use the money like we think it should be used.

They might not show their gratitude enough.

Lenten giving challenges us to give – simply because we can make a difference in someone else’s life …

Without regard for what it does for us.

It’s not always easy – but the disciple of Christ will learn that it can be the most satisfying giving of all.

From Enterprise Christian Church: God Bless!

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