ENTERPRISE, Ore – According to Craig Ely,  NE Regional Director of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), the alpha male of the Imnaha pack has been missing for the last two weeks. ODFW has been searching for the animal at least twice by airplane since he disappeared. Ely said “he just disappeared of the grid”. The collar carries a GPS system to locate the wolf on a regular basis.

ODFW does not know what happened to the animal. “Even if he had died, Ely said, “the collar would still be working.” “There may be a mechanical problem with the collar, we just don’t know.”

Three other wolves of the same pack also wear collars. These collars are VHF based, meaning that the wolves can only be pinned down in location when they come close enough to the radio equipment carried by ODFW in planes or on the ground.

US Wildlife Services has confirmed all nine kills by wolves since May 5, 2010, ODFW confirmed six out of nine.

A complete Wallowa County wolf chronology is available here

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