4-H Members, volunteers and supporters gathered at Cloverleaf Hall on Sunday, September 23rdto celebrate another successful year of 4-H in Wallowa County.

Many end of the year awards were presented to volunteers, and 4-H members.  Community members were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the program over the years.

Wendy Falk was named the Wallowa County 4-H Volunteer of the year.  She grew up outside of Joseph and wasin 4-H for 9 years and participated in 4-H, participating in fair, state fair and various special trips and events.  Her leaders were some of the best – Lois Storoe, Sherry Salmon, Artis Klages and Lois Kunz.  See was very active, showing and participating in leadership events.She has contributed countless hours to the Wallowa County 4-H program.  She has been a volunteer, a superintendent, and a club leader.  She is the leader of the Ever Cool Originals 4-H Scrapbooking Club. She also serves as the Superintendent of the Small Animal Barn, member of the state recognition committee and has organized and cooked for the Livestock Judging Contest for the last many years. She is creative and dedicated.  She loves working with the kids and encourages them to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them. She feels that 4-H opportunities prepare them for life.  She chaperoned youth to Summer Conference several years and also to a national leadership program.

Todd Nash was selected as the 4-H Alumni of the year. He is very knowledgeable of all aspects of livestock and horse and has made a big impact on the cattle industry.  He is a mentor to our youth, providing opportunities for them to join him moving cattle, traveling to events and hosting 4-H exchange students. He believes strongly in the 4-H Program and is very supportive of the kids.  He has been supporting the program for over 30 years, taking many leadership roles, including chairman of the Fat Stock Auction.

Two Friends of 4-H Awards were given to honor community members that are supportive of the 4-H Program.  These were presented to OLAF Pottery (Ted Juve) and Larry & Devise McFetridge.

Volunteer recognition were given to 4-H Volunteers at 5 year marks: 1styear Volunteers: J Johnason, Michelle KEffer. 5 year volunteers: Katie Howard, Gretchen Piper, Shilo Zacharias Flory. 15 Year Volunteers: Velda Bales, Lela Kunkle. 20 Year volunteers: Deb Warnock, Schevelle Wortman. 25 year volunteer: Brinda Stanley. 30 Year Volunteer: Nancy Maasdam.

4-H Junior Leaders were recognized: 1stYear Junior leaders: Dakota DeLyria, Ian Goodrich, McKenzie Keffer, Devin Schreiber, Quincee Zacharias.  Returning Junior Leaders:  Chance Arbogast, Cole Gomes, Casidee Harrod, Madison McDowell, Kaesie Melville, Brianna Micka, Rosie Movich-Fields, Addie Royes, Deidre Schreiber, Bailey Vernam, Destiny Wecks.

Carcass Awards: 1stPlace: Hadley Miller, 2nd: Zane Mallory, 3rd: Alex Wightman.

County Medals: Destiny Wecks (Horse), Chance Arbogast (Horse), Quincee Zacharias (Horse), Devin Schreiber (Dog), Dakota Delyria (Dog), Jalyn Radford (Community Service), Jacob Falk (Communications), Bailey Vernam (Public Speaking), Maggie Zacharias (Leadership).

All-Around Awards: Junior Foods, Carisa Yaw. Intermediate Foods, Devin Schreiber. Senior Foods, Deidre Schreiber. Junior Clothing, Opal McDonald. Intermediate Clothing, Flora McDonald.  Livestock, Tegan Evans.  Hafer Memorial Award, Basey Dawson.


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