The 2019 annual horse judging contest was held Sunday afternoon, April 28th. Eighteen 4-H members judged four equine classes, one class of oral reasons, one class of identification and a class of hay.  The members judged a Western Equitation class, a class of Mules, ranch geldings, and a class of ponies at the fairgrounds. 

A total of 300 points in the judging contest was possible. Brianna Mick, a senior, and Destiny Wecks, an Intermediate tied for the high point judge with a score of 263, Casidee Harrod (Senior) was 3rd with a score of 262. This is the first horse judging contest of the year. 

Members will have the opportunity to judge again at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show and at the Wallowa County Fair.  Their scores will be compiled and the top intermediate and senior judges will qualify to represent Wallowa County at the state competition.

  • In the senior division (ages 15-19), Brianna Micka placed first (263), Casidee Harrod, second (262).  
  • In the intermediate division (ages 12-14), Destiny Wecks placed first (263), Libby Fisher second (261) and Bailey Vernam, third (258). 
  • Other intermediates judging were: Addie Roeys, Lilly Royes, Carrin Yaw, Alona Yost, Eva Anderson, Rosie Movich Fields and Devin Schreiber. Juniors (ages 9-11);  Dawson Hale, first (272); James Royes, second (223); Carisa Yaw, third (219). 
  • Other Juniors judging included: Tylee Evans.  First year juniors: Lauren McBurney, first (266); Livia DeMelo, second (230). 
  • Top individalas received a WCGG Certificate.  In addition, the members with top 5 oral reason scores received gift certificates to Video Buffs: Micka, Harrod, Wecks, Vernam, Royes, McBruney.

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