Preliminary results for Wallowa County have John Hillock well in the lead in the four-way county commissioner race.

Hillock leads the commissioner race with just under 60 percent of the total vote. Diane Daggett has 24 percent of Wallowa County’s votes, Cliff Walters has just over nine percent and Dan DeBoie has a little more than 6 percent.

The race for circuit court judge has Mona Williams has 58 percent of the votes leading Wes Williams’ 42 percent. Between the two counties Wes Williams is leading with 51.5 percent to Mona Williams’ 48.3 percent.

The only local ballot measure in the fall 2018 midterm election is an initiative to legalize retail sales of marijuana in Joseph. Clearly this is a hotly debated issue and will rely on the second and final ballot count to confirm. The first tally of Wallowa County ballots has 232 Yes votes and 229 No votes.

A three-way race for treasurer has Ginger Goebel-Burns in the lead with 46 percent, Velda Bales with 33.5 and Carolyn Doherty with 19.6 percent.

The only contested city council race in the county is in Enterprise between Ashley Sullivan and Bruce Bliven. Initial results have Blivens in the lead with 49.6 percent.

The early count has Greg Walden leading Jamie McLeod Skinner in the race for Oregon’s second district in the U.S. House of Representatives with 65 percent of the votes.

Greg Barreto has a healthy lead on contender Skye Farnam in the race for Oregon District 58 state representative with 73 percent.


Wallowa County voters weighed in on a number of state ballot measures voting 54 percent no on Measure 102, 58 percent said yes to Measure 103, 52 percent said no to Measure 104, 55 percent said yes to Measure 105, and 53 percent said yes to Measure 106.


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