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For more pictures from the 2016 CJD Kiddie Parade click here

Small Fry – Costumes 0-5 years old

First Place
“Swade’s Eggs”
Swade & Scarlet Sheltler

Second Place
“Winged Wonders”
Idella & Chessley Ehrler
Zola Simon-Kurtz

Costumes 6-8 years old

First Place
“Sylvester & Tweedy Bird”
Lilly Avenas & Kylee Cunningham

Second Place
The Zollman, Fitch, & Strobel Kids

Third Place
“Puppy Wranglers”
Savanna Bregard & Ryann Shirley

Costumes 9-15 years old

First Place
“Hail Caesar”
Marshall, Jaylee, & Kylee

Second Place
“Cowgirl Ghostbusters”
Cara & Page Freels


First Place
“The Butterfield Kids – Sixth Generation Wallowa County Farmers”

Second Place
“Al Kader Shiners in Training”
Xavier & Izek

Third Place
“Campers Have S’more Fun”
Jackson Radford

Marching Groups

First Place
Mighty Mutts 4-H Group

Second Place
“Life at the Beach”
ABC Pre-School

Third Place
“The Wallowology Mighty Caterpillar”


First Place
Building Healthy Families
Joseph City Park Playground Renovation

Second Place
“Home of the Free Because of the Brave”
Harley, Sofia, Kaitlyn, Madison, Jaidyn, Addie, & McKenna

Riding Groups

First Place
“We Are Off to See the Wizard”
Williams, Campbell, Johnson, & Stanley kids

Second Place
“Paso Fino”
Carrin Yaw riding Camelito Red Rose

Third Place
“Fallon Taylor”
Gracy Eisenbrandt

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